Going down a new path

A new path is being forged at Velas Cafe. We have solicited the services of OHM Solutions in an attempt to revamp and overhaul the digital presence and overall direction of Velas Cafe.

For more than 5 years we have stayed the course, accrued accolade after accolade for our #1 Salad Bar in Sacramento. We have continued to evolve and are constantly adding new menu items that come from both our childhood and our customer’s requests.

Breakfast Burrito, server fresh and daily from 7:30am to 11:00am.

You wanted a more distinguished and hearty alternative to the coffee-shop-muffins and bagels, so we delivered.

Catering and large party needs? We adapt to whatever the request is and have hundreds of 5 star reviews to back up the quality we deliver. A quality that never suffers due to party size or request. a

Velas always strives to bring the freshest and most organic food that one could imagine. And in a day like this, where health and safety regulations can all but guarantee the health and safety of a restaurants patrons, we strive to be an A+ rated establishment and always use gloves and take precautionary measures.

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