Outside Vela Cafe

Our mission at Vela Cafe is to continue delivering healthy and organic products to the customers that support our restaurant. We bring true Mediterranean recipes from our very own kitchen right to you every day. The delicious tastes from ‘back-home’ that fill our hearts with joy, and our bellies with comfort, are here with a revolving menu of ‘specials’ and a new hybrid menu.

Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm. Catering and weekend deliveries available upon request and 24 hour notice.

One of our newest additions as we continue Vela’s expansion into the new year. Our menu and catering offering encompass our daily menu and salad bar, as well as our newest addition, ‘Feras Food Truck’. 

A true first for the food industry; Food Truck Style Food, served from a cafe! Our goal is to reverse engineer the food truck mythos of saucy and delicious goods that can normally only be found on roving trucks randomly found throughout town. Look for this new menu and launch to take place in March 2020!


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Nico Lauria

Going down a new path

A new path is being forged at Velas Cafe. We have solicited the services of OHM Solutions in an attempt to revamp and overhaul the

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